Wednesday, January 09, 2008

BAD blogger! No posts lately!

***(SIGH) ***

Yes, we're fine. And thanks for asking.

The holidays came and went in a blur. I took a long New Years weekend spiked with a couple of vacation days, and we went out of town just to get away.

Then things at work have been crazy busy. We're hiring folks like there's no tomorrow; doing our part to attack the rising unemployment figures.

At home we tried to sell the old van on eBay, but nobody came even close to the reserve we'd set on it. I really believe it's worth three times what the highest bid was, but "worth" is defined by what a willing buyer will pay for a product . . . so maybe I'm kidding myself. With today's gasoline prices and the few miles per gallon the van gets, somebody would really have to want a large-capacity passenger-and-baggage-hauling machine to put up with the operating expense.

During the next 30 days I'm planning to go off to two different college campuses on recruiting trips, split by our annual week-long ski vacation. Maybe at least I'll come back with some neat snowy-mountain pictures, and new shots of my almost-three-year-old grandson. Not that anybody cares but me, but he is REALLY cute!

Anyway, for those of you who have stopped by looking for a romantic ramble and found nothing but worn-out old posts, I'm sorry. Perhaps I'll get an idea for a poem, or a new meme or something.

Or, I might just not post anything until April. Guess we'll see.


kenju said...

You have writer's cramp? Gone dry? I miss you.

(I feel I should point out that my word verification is "ohpuo". Sort of Oh, Poo. That's what I say to your not posting. Oh, Poo.

Badabing said...

I miss your posts too. Have a great ski trip!!

Karyn Lyndon said...

I was beginning to worry about you...

southernbelle said...

Dropping by to say hello. Come back to us shortly, will you? I could get my Italian cousins to pay you a visit to help convince you that blogging would be a good thing. But no pressure.

Duke of Earle said...

Y'all are too sweet. Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully I'll be back in a posting groove soon.

But Karyn, you of all people, who only posts about once a month now, should NOT be worried! :)

And Michelle... I had a visit from your Italian cousins today. When my kneecaps heal, I promise I'll post at LEAST three times a week!

southernbelle said...

Oh darn - they just don't understand English instructions. I told them not to go to you until they hear from me. I hope your kneecaps recover enough for you to walk around the golf course. Luckily they kept your arms attached to your body.

Candace said...

OMG, he's almost three? I can't believe it. DO bring back lots of pics, please!

Hey - it looks like the fat lady might sing for us this time - we're supposed to close on the house next week.

southernbelle said...

And you are doing what? Participate in my word puzzle and get your grey matter working again.
Hope to see you here soon.

Abigurl said...

Yay! You posted again. I of course have no room to talk about not posting but I did miss your witty stories and fun pictures. I've actually come back from the blogger dead with a whole new site, if you're interested. Either way, look forward to reading your posts again.