Saturday, May 03, 2008

Gorgeous day at the golf course!

And look what we saw:

This little guy was so tiny, I'd guess he was just "dropped" last night.

How tiny was he?

Well, here's a shot of him with me just a few feet away. All curled up like that, he was about the size of a football.

Yes, that's what I look like in my golfing togs. Ain't he cute?

(No, the fawn!)


kenju said...

I'd say you're both cute - but he's got you beat by a mile!

r.e.wolf said...

That fawn is beyond cute!

southernbelle said...

The fawn is cute - makes you want to pick it up and hug it. And you? Yup - you do look rather spiffy in your golfing attire.