Thursday, September 11, 2008

A post!

To all my blog friends: Thanks! (For stopping by, and for caring!)

I didn't broadcast it this year, but Carol and I are today in South Georgia on our way to Tampa to visit daughter and grandson. We've been through Chicago to visit other daughter, then to Maryland to see my sister, and we managed to dodge Gustav and Hanna with nary a puff of wind nor a drop of rain.

We were worried about Ike disrupting our planned Georgia golf, but he decided to go into the Gulf and again we never saw any rain or wind. In fact, it's been hot, humid and still.

We won't be heading home to see what Ike has done until Tuesday. If all the food in our freezer is spoiled . . . Oh well!

So, don't worry about us -- we're far from Texas and quite safe.

Karyn, you'll probably get more rain than our town will -- maybe YOU'D better run. Viki, sorry I again passed through Chicago and didn't get to meet you -- maybe next year! And Goddess, be thankful for the rain and no cyclones!

Maybe I'll be better about posting once this vacation is over. I'll at least let you know if we had any damage from Ike.


kenju said...

John, you won't believe it, since I didn't leave a comment or email, but I was thinking about you today and wondering how/where you were. Thanks for letting us know, and I hope your food doesn't spoil.

Karyn Lyndon said...

Glad to know you're safe and sound and doin' the golf thing...

Designer Girl said...

I am glad you were no where near Ike and that you are safe and sound. When I saw the footage on our TV, I was worried about my few Texan friends I have. Hope you are having a good time and that Carol is taking lots of pics for you to share with us.

Anonymous said...

Well, for some reason I didn't think to check your blog when I emailed you to see if you were safe from Ike, and now I'm worried because you haven't posted in a week.

I hope everything's okay, and I'm vacillating on whether or not to forgive you for not giving me a call when you were in Chicago.