Sunday, May 31, 2009

Love conquers all – part 2

I read an interesting article on Yahoo Finance recently, called “What Not to Do When You Buy a Home.”

Here’s a link, but about half the time the link doesn’t bring up the article. I don’t know why.

So why am I writing about a financial article under the post title of “Love conquers all?”

Here’s an interesting quote from the article:

A researcher at Ohio State University found that people who stayed married accumulated 93 percent more wealth than single or divorced people. Economist Jay Zagorsky of OSU’s Center for Human Resource Research tracked the financial and marital status of more than 9,000 people from 1985 to 2000. Those who divorced saw their wealth reduced by 77 percent on average.


Carol and I have been married only once. To each other. For over 40 years. So, does that make us rich . . . or just old?

Definitely old.

No, my point is that even in matters as pragmatic as money, being in love and STAYING in love helps!

Another excerpt (quoting from a different study than above):

The typical husband says the couple earns 5 percent more income and has 10 percent more total wealth than his wife reports, the study found. Meanwhile, the wife says the family's debts are $500 more than her husband reports. Among older couples surveyed, half differed in their wealth estimates by more than $14,700; among younger couples, half differed by $7,000. (Husbands paid the bills about 40 percent of the time.)

Perhaps the most critical discovery: Couples who didn’t divorce in the 15-year study were more in agreement on their estimates than couples who divorced. In other words, they knew how to communicate about money. If you want to avoid your own personal credit crisis, that's a good place to start.


(And you thought I never wrote about ROMANCE in “Romantic Ramblings!”)


kenju said...

Oh, yeah, nothing more romantic that finance!! LOL

You are right about couples needing to communicate about money!

Jack K. said...

You're such a romantic.

Thanks for the information. Maryann and I will count number 42 this July. We are doing quite nicely. And, yes, she does handle the finances.

I just love that woman.

Candace said...

Tomcat and I just celebrated our 23rd.
I'm thoroughly enjoying "The Brothers K" - thanks for recommending it, John!

Christina said...

I just celebrated my 9th anniversary - is it good or bad that 9 years feels like forever? ; )

Merle said...

Dear John ~~ I am glad Christina sent you over here and that you liked the Bible riddles. I don't know the other two you mentioned.

Take care, Regards, Merle.

Dating Chicks said...

I would have to agree love does conquer all.