Saturday, January 09, 2010

How cold was it last night?

Probably not as cold here in South Texas as where you are.

Well, except for Michelle in South Africa -- it's summer there, remember!

But for those of you in the NORTHERN hemisphere, global warming seems to have taken a vacation. Proof?

Well, just down the street from my house I saw what is pictured below. I stopped, looked at the sun sparkling on the icicles covering the discarded Christmas tree, and just HAD to go back for the camera.

Yeah, they ran the sprinkler on the tree all night. And I'm sure this is a fairly common sight "up north" where people have snow blowers in their garages.
But down here, southwest of Houston, it's a rare night when the temperature reaches 18 degrees F.
(Yes, that's the answer to the title question. Good job picking up on that!)


kenju said...

We've been down to 16* nearly every night for the last 8-9 days and I hate it!! But the weathermen say we will be back to the mid 50's by Wednesday - it can't come a minute too soon for me!

Christina said...

very cool!

we had frost on the ground and ice on the windshields the other morning - that's pretty bad for central Florida.

Jack K. said...

Practically balmy down there. We have been flirting with zero and below for a couple of days. The wind chill was much lower than that. The sun did come out today, and it's supposed to get up into the 20's next week.

Oh yes, we also have lots of snow on the ground. Thank goodness the young man next door was open to earning some money by shoveling our drive and front sidewalk.