Sunday, November 26, 2006

I'm definitely thankful!

What a GREAT golf holiday weekend!

Oh! Was it Thanksgiving? We hardly noticed.

The weather in central Texas was simply PERFECT for golf. Temps in the mid 70s, low humidity, winds at 10-20, and clear skies. Well, today (Sunday) we had a few clouds; but no threat of rain.

We played 36 holes on Thursday, 27 holes on Friday, 36 holes on Saturday, and 18 holes today on our way home.


(Pictures soon – maybe tomorrow.)

Then, guess what was waiting for me when we got home. No, don’t guess; you’d never get it right in a million years.

I found in our mailbox a SASE (you know what that is, right? You DON’T?? It’s a Self Addressed, Stamped Envelope. Some purists insist that it be referred to as an SASE, as in “an Ess, Ay, Ess, Eee.” But I prefer to refer to it as “a Sassy.”) It was from a literary agency I’d queried about representing my novel.

No, it didn’t contain an offer to represent me. Nor did it contain a request that I send the agent additional sample chapters or the entire manuscript. No, it just contained a simple blue card that said although they appreciated my kind inquiry, they regretted to say that my project was not right for their list.

And that’s fine. Standard fare, in fact.

What made me laugh was that I’d sent in that query on March 17, 2006. And their response was postmarked November 20, 2006.

I guess I should be happy that it came in the same calendar year, right?

As Alan Jackson sings in “Chasin’ that Neon Rainbow,” “Lordy, don’t the wheels turn slow!”


Peter said...

Perhaps you should post some scores along with those photos John?? or maybe not.

Duke_of_Earle said...




r.e.wolf said...

Well, with those temps, you won't be needing one of these...

Karyn Lyndon said...

Is it for hot biscuits or warm balls? I'm confused...

And John, sorry about the SASE that wasn't all that sassy.

schnoodlepooh said...

I admire your positive attitude and one of these days, REALLY, I just know it, you won't get a "sassy" at all, but it will be a phone call - WE WANT TO PUBLISH!!! It's coming...

robotjam said...

Thats pretty good service Duke, I once applied for a job an they sent back my application 5 years later saying I hadn't got it.

I was really upset as I had been waiting on them all that time !

You do wonder why after 9 month/5 years they bother when they haven't bothered before.

Liz said...

I'm waiting for a similar sort of letter from an agency I approached in April. It would be nice to hear more quickly so you can get on to the next one though!

Candace said...

Good thing you weren't holding your breath!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great golfing break to soften the blow of coming home to that!

I suppose, being a tad charitable, you could assume it took that long to reach your ms is the pile and read it before making a decision? For a while I was writing a book review website, so I've been away from the write-submit-wait-openSassy(love that)-read rejection slip scene and am about to jump back on the bandwagon. I must be mad!