Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Our camera’s coming back!

They’re sending it 2nd day air. Maybe that’s Olympus’ way of saying they’re sorry we’ve had to send it off for warranty service twice in the last two months.

What did they find? What did they do? Did they really fix it? We don’t know. We may find out from the info that comes with it tomorrow.

All we know right now is it’s on its way and it has a tracking number. Carol’s mood is slowly improving, but she remains skeptical that all will be well when she installs the battery and memory card, turns on the power and looks at the main menu.

If it is NOT fixed properly, be on the lookout for violent storm clouds tomorrow originating in South Texas and spreading out to wherever you live. And Lord help Olympus if they claim to have fixed the problem and nothing has changed. If that happens I think the storm will become a typhoon that will seek out Olympus’ headquarters in Japan.

Election results? Who cares~! The price of oil? No big deal. Earthquakes, floods, riots and wars? Fuggedaboudit (as Badabing would say).

We’re planning an out of town trip in two weeks, and Carol’s GOTTA have that camera.

Or maybe Christmas will come early this year, and the replacement will be a Nikon.

Stay tuned.


Peter said...

I'll keep an eye on the weather maps for Texas and Japan.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, this time.

Monica said...

John, I'm stopping in over these next couple of days and saying something important to some very special blog friends.


Happy Veterans' Day this Saturday.

kenju said...

Good luck with the camera; I hope it is fixed to your satisfaction.

Speaking of badabing, when is he going to post again?

Badabing said...

I love Nikons...hope Santa comes through ;-)