Saturday, August 18, 2007

"Blow, Wind, Blow . . .

. . . And go, mill, go.
That the miller may grind his corn.
So the Baker may take it,
And into bread make it,
And bring me a loaf in the morn!"

Remember that one? That's one of the nursery rhymes we used to read to our children when they were children. (And now they are HAVING children!)

I have that particular rhyme on my mind for two reasons.

First, because it's so hot and humid here (South Texas) in August and we like to play golf in the afternoon on the weekends. Plus we like to WALK the couse, not ride around in electric carts. In the absence of any (or appreciable) breeze or wind, walking soon becomes intollerable. Today I was soaked all over, couldn't keep a golf glove dry, and kept toweling my face to prevent the sweat from running into my eyes. No fun.

So I found myself reciting that rhyme.

But the second reason is because we've been watching the track of humongous Hurricane Dean across the Carribbean heading right toward Texas! (Actually, as I type this the very latest projection has Dean entering Mexico just south of Brownsville, TX, on Wednesday. That's be fine with me!) In hopes that my wishing for some wind might, in fact, cause the storm to go away, I've been chanting,

"Blow, wind, blow.
And go, storm go!
Blow yourself out where no one gets hurt
In the mountains of Mexico!"

Seems to be working. For now.


kenju said...

John, I know you don't need any more rain, so I pray the storm goes south!!

Peter said...

To be sure for the second part of that rhyme John.

Christina said...

I remember that rhyme - the original version, that is. I like your version too.

Duke_of_Earle said...


Thought you might remember that.


Anonymous said...

I'm chanting "Rain rain go away
come again some other day"

Preferably on a week day, NOT on the weekend, darnit.

Designer Girl said...

We had a taste of early spring on Saturday and it was glorious. However I do not want winter to end just yet. I would like it to rain more.

Candace said...

Hope you don't get blown away down there, John! Geesh, enough already!

I am worried about Cancun/Cozumel, though. If Dean is a cat 4 or 5 when it goes over ... my gosh, that could wipe them out completely! Remember, Katrina was "only" a cat 3 when it came ashore.

Candace said...

Hey, come over to Chapterhouse to help write a story!

Zinnia said...

Things like that will wake me up out of a sound sleep and keep me awake for hours on end. Drive me batty!

My husband is having Weather Channel withdrawals. We had to shut our satellite off, so now he can't watch that station anymore. He loves to watch the hurricanes' progress.

Stop by when you have a chance. I have a link that might interest you, lol.

Designer Girl said...

It rained this morning so I am happy.

Nankin said...

I just hope you don't have any damage. I'm still working on some of our stores that were nearly blown away in Katrina in '05.