Tuesday, August 07, 2007


A new motherboard, and he's good as . . . well, NEW!

I'm pleased to report that all peripherals are re-connected, up and running. All internals seem to check out. Nothing was lost from the hard drives or the backup.

The Dell technician did it all in about 90 minutes. It was old hat for him. I tried not to let my awe show too much.

So, bottom line is: I suffered the inconvenience of having to share the laptop with Carol (much to her disgust) for 3 days. Not a penny out-of-pocket. And now Carol is much happier to haver HER machine all to herself again.

Not bad, Dell!


kenju said...

It's good to know you didn't lose anything!

Anonymous said...

How I love happy endings to personal tragedies.

Peter said...

Nice to hear that Dell lived up to their warranty and did so politely John.

Badabing said...

That's good to hear Duke. I hope you back up your disk on a regular basis...just in case the 'you know what' word happens to rear its ugly head. :-)

Designer Girl said...

I am so happy for you. I have to warn you that the big C is now advancing on the human form. Last time I read of mechanical failures on your blog, I put my back out. Yesterday I read about your computer and I woke up with a stiff neck. This whole C thing has now become a pain the neck. Beeg pain. Worse than back ache. We need to set up a task force, call in the green berets, a A-Team, Knightrider - anyone who can control C.

Duke_of_Earle said...


Yes, it was good that nothing was lost. But I think there was more than good luck involved. I had bought a 250GB external hard drive that connects through a USB cable to the computer, and have set up Windows to automatically back up all files (that have changed) once each week. The first backup took a LONG time, because it essentially copied all data files. Now the weekly backup only copies files that have changed, so it takes just minutes. And then I have copies of files both before and after changes are made, so I can restore them to any point in the past.

That said, however, we all know that it won't even SLOW DOWN the horrible "C." The "C" will first crash my external hard drive, THEN kill the computer.

I've thought about making DVD backup copies of the backed-up files, but the "C" will just cause the DVD's to crack and break. Or warp. Or SOMETHING!

(Carol laughs at me, calling me megalomaniacal in thinking that my files are that important. "They're just emails and blog posts," she smirks. But then I remind her of all her wonderful photographs, and the videos of our grandson, and she quickly burns DVDs of all of HER files!)

NOTHING is safe! Not even our bodies, as southernbelle had learned (me too, with my recent back problems!)

If I weren't a God-fearing Christian, I might be tempted into idolatry (no, that is NOT the same as "adultery!") and see if the "C" desires worship to appease it and hold it at bay.

But no. I fear there IS no solution. We humans just have to live with it as best we can. (Meds help!)


Zinnia said...

wow, seems like the pc problems are running rampant. M.E. "Emmy" Ellis is having problems with hers, and I finally had to break down and buy myself a new one too. (I'm glad I did; I love it!)

Hey, stop by when you have a min, if my latest blog entry strikes a chord with you, pass the link along, if you would.

Shesawriter said...

Hi John,

How ya doin'? Just stopping in to say HI and I'm back to blogging. Hope you're doing well.


Hale McKay said...

That was great news, John. If that had been me - must assuredly the files would've been history!

I have started another short story, "Her Cups Runneth Over" - (catchy title, eh?).

I decided to name my main character after a famous author, but then changed my mind to name him after an author who will be famous someday.
His name is J. Duke Earle - (catchy name, eh?).

To read about your name sake you can click HERE .

Christina said...

I too have been attacked by the dreaded "C". my computer (so far) seems OK, knock on wood. It's my printer that needs to be replaced. hopefully that will be all.

Also, here's the perfectionist in me coming out, but "resurrection" only has one "s", not two. I am envisioning your gesture as you read this.

Duke_of_Earle said...


I hate typos! Funny how I never looked at the title or noticed the misspelling in it! Thanks, daughter dear!

(And no, there was NO rude gesture! So THERE!)

Christina said...

Thinking it counts the same as actually doing it (rude gesture).

Remembering that time you "waved" at me and Amy on the ski lift.