Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tagged for a drabble?

“Drabble ??”

Well, live and learn.

Here’s the deal: Write a drabble, which is (who knew?) a story containing exactly 100 words. It does not have to be a poem.

Candace tagged me. (So did Badabing, for something else, but that’s next—Candace got to me first.)

Gee, that’s a challenge! Wordy as I am, 100 words would barely get me through a good introductory sentence. But I figure if I can write a poem about words that rhyme with “orange,” why not a drabble?

So here goes. I didn't include the title in the word count. If the "rules" require its inclusion, I can adjust.
Oh, yeah. I almost forgot. I tag Karyn Lyndon! Haven't heard much from her lately.
(Ahem . . .)
Lightspeed x 23

Ion thrusters locked at emergency maximum, both racers willed their starships onward—at stake: survival. The approaching outpost held fuel for only one.

Jaorg came alert. Vibration? No moving drive system parts; so how…? Interstellar gases? Dust? But, the route was cleared!

Puzzlement became alarm. Deceleration timing was critical!

The vibration deepened. Alarm swiftly became terror.

The ship lurched. Parts rattled; flew. No! NO! “GAEL—!” His scream was cut short as his world disintegrated.

Malevor’s vessel streaked past the vapor that had been Jaorg, decelerated, and fueled. He smirked, and entered coordinates for home. Gaella would soon be his!


Candace said...

That's great, John! I admit that I snickered a bit, thinking of you writing a story in only 100 words. Okay, okay, I flat out laughed my ass off. :)

The title doesn't have to be included in the word count, btw.

The story has lots of action and emotion - very well done, my friend!

Um, "Jaorg?" :)

kenju said...

You're too good, John!! I can't believe it.

Karyn Lyndon said...

Okay...I drabbled. Now I'll have to find another victim...

Nankin said...

Very creative.