Sunday, January 04, 2009

A quick retort

A local family friend informed me yesterday that they had seen the promotional gasoline price in our paper and hurried to the store to fill up, only to find bags over the pump handles and a “Sold Out’ sign. But they were encouraged to see that a tank truck had arrived and was getting ready to fill the store’s tanks.

They drove off to run an errand and returned a short time later to find the bags removed but the posted price changed to $1.39!

This reminded me of a story a different friend told me many years ago:

He had gone into a part-time retail business from his home selling, of all things, motorcycle riders’ garments. You know; leather pants, jackets, and the like. (He was a motorcycle enthusiast, as you might have guessed.)

He complained to me about the difficulty of “stocking” enough of all sizes so if a customer wanted something he would have it. Otherwise they’d go somewhere else. Also his business, like most, was very price competitive.

He told me of a customer who browsed, found exactly the item he wanted (and in the right size!), but complained that my friend’s stuff was too expensive. “There’s a place on the other side of town that sells this same thing for 10% less,” he griped.

My friend asked, “Why didn’t you buy it there?”

“Well, he was out of them.”

My friend snorted and said, “Hell, when I’M out of stock, mine are free!”

I’ve never forgotten that as an example of a real zinger retort.

And maybe THAT’S why the store posted the $1.19 price for gas, ‘cause when you don’t have any you can sell it REAL cheap!


Anonymous said...

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kenju said...

That's like my daughter's idea to go to Vegas in Feb. because the on-line flights (on Dec. 31st) were listed at $57 from here. We made the reservations and then remembered a conflict, so she canceled them, intending to get back into reservations ASAP and book another flight.When she did that, some 4 hours later (on Jan. 1) - the flights had gone up to well over $100 each way.

An opportunity lost....:-(.

We have to strike while the iron is hot, right?

Jack K. said...

One can never be too careful.

I do like the zinger.

Nankin said...

I remember when I was in high school and we'd pull up to the pump and tell the guy, "Fill it or $5.00 which ever comes first." I don't guess we;ll ever see those days again.