Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Any idea who this is?

Well it's my grandson Trevor, of course!

Back in February we took our annual family ski trip. This year Trevor was just two months shy of being 4, and old enough for first-ever ski lessons.

In the picture above, he didn't know I was off to one side with a telephoto lens snapping pictures, so he's NOT smiling for the camera. That cute little grin is his pure joy at skiing down the small, gentle learning slope. (If you look close you'll see the snow flying up from the back of his skis -- he was moving right along.)

What you CAN'T see in this shot in his female instructor, jogging down the slope beside him telling him to turn or stop. She finally caught him just before he skied into a nylon mesh "fence" at the edge of the area.

What, doesn't he know how to turn or stop?

He sure does! He just doesn't WANT to. What he WANTS to do, in his own words told to us a number of times, is "Ski FAST!"

Trouble is, until he responds to the instructor's command to stop, they won't take him up on the big mountain so he can REALLY ski fast. If they did, and he refused to stop, they'd have to chase him a LONG way.

** sigh **

Well, likely next year he'll be old enough to understand all that and will stop when he's told. Or at least he'll stop enough times to get them to take him up on the real mountain where he can ski F-A-S-T!!

Then those instructors had better be quick!


kenju said...

He's adorably cute, and I am SO glad to see he has on a helmet, considering what just happened to Natasha.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Kenju, OH yeah! As you can imagine, helmets are absolutely required for all kids during lessons. And AFTER his lessons he'll be wearing a helmet also. Just ask his Mom, my daughter Christina, about her OWN need for a helmet this year. (Maybe she'll put in a comment. Remember daughter, I've got pictures!)

kenju said...

If you have pictures, don't we need to see them? LOL

Duke_of_Earle said...

Kenju, The pictures of her little "incident" are not very graphic. By the time I got the camera out she was back on her feet and fortunately not injured TOO badly. Coulda been a LOT worse. I'm hoping she'll see this and tell the story in her own words, either here or on her own blog (which I will then provide a link to!) :)

Unknown said...

What a cutie!

His smile is contagious. As soon as I saw the picture, I was smiling, too.

Christina said...

I think I mentioned my little "incident" on my blog once already. Didn't tell a detailed story, so if you feel the need to, go for it.