Friday, March 20, 2009

Memory lane

On a whim (it was a slow day at work, okay?) I went back and read some of my earliest blog posts and the comments that ensued.

Have you ever done that? It's fun!

Plus, if your memory is as bad as mine, you've forgotten what you wrote 4 years ago and are amused by it.

Right. Well, some of the posts were amusing.

This begs for an example, so here you go. I remember (sort of) thinking the post below was clever when I wrote it. As I re-discovered it yesterday it made me laugh again -- especially the part about linguini . . .

Oh, here. Read it yourself and see what you think:

HERE's the link.


kenju said...

Oops, I left my comment over there! I liked it!

Designer Girl said...

You obviously had a lot more free time back then. :-) You do realise, you have just opened a can of worms - we expect you now to get back to being hugely funny.

Christina said...

That was quite amusing. I laughed out loud again!