Monday, March 08, 2010

Why Trampolines are Dangerous in Texas

Nuff said?


Jack K. said...

No doubt about it, one picture is worth about thousand words or five bucks and a doe.

How do you get five bucks to get together in one confined spot? How do you get them under that thing? It obviously is not rutting season, is it?

Is segregation by gender a natural phenomenon?


Great photo!

Duke_of_Earle said...

Jack, A few responses: First, I must confess that's not my picture. It was in an email someone sent to me. I just posted it for the humor value and because, as you say, I thought it a great photo. Next, in the original (much larger) shot, the deer on the right that looks like a doe seems to have small spike antlers. I think they're all bucks. And in our part of Texas (South) I've seen deer segregated by gender often. When it's NOT rutting season, the bucks tend to run with other bucks and the does with other does. Finally, deer often settle down in places that seem to them to offer some cover. I assume that was the appeal of the trampoline. But I'm no expert in the Cervidae family!


kenju said...

In my neighborhood, we tend to see the deer in groups of females or males, but seldom both together.

Nankin said...

Ouch! I think my trampoline days are over.