Sunday, June 06, 2010

O – KAY already!

I know; I brought it on myself. I was commenting on a Facebook entry and mentioned the dreaded “C” word.

But gee, did it have to strike so fast and so hard?

First strike was against my commute-to-work car. It has only 25k miles on it and came with new Michelins so there’s no appreciable tread wear. I evidently drove over something that sliced into the sidewall near the tread and suffered a flat.

No big deal, right? Right. In fact, while I was changing the tire in the shade of a handy overpass, two guys from my plant on their way home saw me, pulled over, TOOK over the job, and changed my tire for me. The tire dealer adjusted the price of the new tire for the almost new tread depth on the bad one, and I was on my way.

Next strike was my three-year-old, expensive but just out of warranty, Kitchen-Aid dishwasher. I was able to fix that myself (I’ll spare you the details) at minimal expense and with just one minor cut on a finger, but getting it out and then back in took the better part of my Saturday.

Then there was the blowout on our camper-trailer. That one cost me a LOT of sweat, plus three new tires; two on the axle and a new spare. Yeah, I know, I needed them anyway, but the timing could have been better!

Then yesterday afternoon my high-dollar, commercial quality, Echo weed trimmer just quit working. Right in the middle of trimming the lawn. No, it WASN’T out of gas! I think it was a fouled spark plug. I cleaned the plug, the air filter and the exhaust port (muffler), and now it’s running fine.

Finally (I HOPE!) last night my computer hard drive stared running continuously and all processes slowed to a crawl. Checked everything I knew to check, including rebooting, anti-virus scanning (no), downloading updates (no), other internet activity (no, disconnected from router to be sure), and just turned it off. Today it SEEMS okay, but I’m suspicious!

SO, BE WARNED!! Be on guard. Hopefully it’s just me, but don’t count on it! Last night my daughter in Tampa had a rock thrown through the window of her car right in front of her house. Nothing stolen, just vandalism. But the cost of replacing the window will hurt.

Remember, the ycaripsnoc can (and WILL) strike at any time.

Oh no, there goes my hard drive again—


kenju said...

Mine has been doing that and limping along for almost a year now. I run CCleaner and re-boot and all is well for a while. Hope yours is well soon.

Tracye said...

Hubs is, at this moment, repairing our garbage disposal.

Granted, the culprit was a cake tool (how on EARTH could that have gotten there???), but it's still not a fun job!

From what I'm seeing from the sidelines, anyway.

Nankin said...

Geez, I crossing myself and warding off the evil eye just reading this.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered just ignoring things that don't work because they may just want attention. Then praise them when they work again. Works for kids and dogs.

jan from Poodles and dogs

Google isn't working for my comments. How ironic is that?

Duke_of_Earle said...

Jan, "Ironic?" Obviously you don't understand the "C."

It does not like to be dismissed, minimized, or mocked. It WILL find you -- even "anonymous" commenters have an IP address, and the "C" can find it!

Messing with your Google comments is just the first flexing of its muscles.