Sunday, June 20, 2010

Totally Inappropriate. And yet . . .

I'm referring to the Fathers Day card sent to me by my younger daughter.

You know, the daughter I've written about before with whom I compete to see which of us can send the other the birthday (or other-day) greeting card with the worst pun, the worst somehow fitting double entendre, etc.

Usually we just try to "out-clever" each other. The thrill is in the search for a card that somehow seems to make a however-vague reference to some foible in our lives.

The one I just received from her reads on the inside, simply, "Happy Fathers Day."

Ah, but it's the FRONT of the card that prompted the title of this post.

That I just HAVE to share:

As I said: TOTALLY inappropriate.

(You win this round, daughter.)


Designer Girl said...

I love it.

Tracye said...

This was one of my souvenirs from Chicago!

My dad received his yesterday.

I saw it and could not pass it up!

Happy Father's Day to you!

Jack K. said...

There is no doubt that you love and trust each other completely. You are one fortunate man.

My daughters mean that much to me, too. I guess that makes me one fortunate man as well.

Hope your father's day was as good for you as mine was for me.

Anonymous said...

HOW old is you Daughter????

Duke_of_Earle said...

She's mid-thirties. Age was not the inappropriate factor, rather it was the choice of verbs on the card.