Sunday, December 02, 2012

New Computer!

This will probably resonate with everyone who reads it.  Why?  Because you're probably reading it on a computer.  Okay, I know, you can read blogs on a "mobile device" as well as a computer, but still. . .  You remember the last time you bought a new computer, right?  Exciting?  For some it's just a tool or an appliance and thus no big deal.  For me, a closet geek, it's cool!

Why am I getting a new computer?  Best reason ever:  The old one died.  It was 5 years old (almost 6), and had been close to state of the art when I bought it (dual-core processor, 4GB of ram, and a 250GB hard drive -- and it boasted the brand new operating system, Windows Vista!  Wow!)  And frankly, even last week (before its untimely demise) it was fast and powerful enough for most of what I used it for.  Some software seemed to take a long time to load; Photoshop was the worst, and it had started to freeze on me occasionally.  But I had no plans to upgrade in the near future.

How did it die?  I don't know exactly.  I left the house with the computer on, everything normal.  I returned about an hour later and found it powered down.  That was unusual.  I pressed the power button.  The fan started and ran for maybe one second, then stopped.  I tried again; same result.

Without boring you with the details of my diagnostic efforts, nothing I tried helped.  I took it to a local repair shop, waited 4 days, and learned that the motherboard was shot (some bulging, leaking capacitors and other failed electronics, the power supply was suspect, and my video card had problems.  All of this could be fixed (parts replaced), but then I'd still have a 6-year-old machine.  The technician suggested my money would be better spent toward a replacement.

So . . .  I have now ordered a Dell machine with an Intel core i7 processor, 12GB of ram, Windows 8 OS, and lots more.  I figure it's 3-5 times more powerful than my old box, and it cost 1/3 less!  Ah, progress!

It is supposed to ship from Dell in about a week, and should be here a few days later.  Meanwhile I'm subsisting with an iPad and smart phone -- life is tough, right?

I'm looking forward to Christmas coming early this year!

(OH!  I wanted to be sure to include this . . .  Last time I ordered from Dell I learned that if you ask for some price help (a discount), they'll give you one!  But if you don't ask, they won't offer!  When I told the telephone sales rep I would buy if I could get the price down about $200, she put me on hold while she "spoke to her supervisor," then came back and offered me interest-free financing instead.  I declined that offer, and again asked for a price reduction.  Without even going through the act of  asking anyone, she agreed!  Remember this -- it works!)

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kenju said...

Oh, boy, that is good to know. My daughter ordered this one for me, and I doubt she asked for a discount. Still, it has served me well for 3 years and was just over $500. I hope it goes for another 3, at least. Enjoy your new one, when it comes.