Monday, December 03, 2012

Teased by "Anonymous"

In a very old blog post (May, 2008) I wrote of offering an item for sale on eBay that was rejected as unsuitable, according to that online auction site's standards.  You can read about it all here:

Frankly I'd nearly forgotten the post and the item in question, until Blogger sent me an email a couple of weeks ago that a new comment had been written.  You can see it on the link above -- it's the next-to-last comment and it's from "anonymous."

He (maybe she?) asks if I still have the inappropriate item, as he collects such things and would love to have it.  Gee, sure!  Sounds great.  Let's talk.

But wait.  How do I communicate with Anonymous?  I have no identity, no email address, no number to send a text to, NOTHING.  I did the only thing I could think of to do, and that was to place another comment below his saying yes, I had the item, and please contact me here's my email.  That was two weeks ago, and do you think I've received an email?  Nope.

My conclusion is that Anonymous either: A) is an idiot, B) was drunk when he wrote the comment and has forgotten about it, C) either/both A and B (a drunk idiot) who doesn't realize that Blogger does not send me his contact information when he posts a comment and is disappointed that I've ignored him.  Another possibility is that he's a tease, knows that I'll want to contact him but can't, and enjoys creating frustration in others.

I expect that everyone who reads this (if anyone does) will leave an anonymous comment begging me to sell them the item for BIG $$ if I'll just contact them ASAP.  Go for it, if that floats your boat.  But be careful; Blogger just MIGHT keep track of your IP address and send it to me -- you never know!


kenju said...

I have not tried to sell anything, but I often get comments from people who post anonymously and ask a question. I can answer it on the blog, but I'm never sure if they come back to see it. Or maybe I don't mind answering to one person, but not to everyone - and so I'm out of luck. Some people just aren't thinking!!

Unknown said...

Thats true some people just aren't thinking!!