Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Vacation Planning

Carol and I haven’t taken a real vacation since I started this blog.

Oh, we’ve been out of town on long weekends, and that seems like a vacation. But I’m talking about a real, go to a whole different part of the country, be gone at least a week or two (or maybe three), visit people you don’t see very often VACATION!

You know, like Chevy Chase.

No, don’t worry. I’m not leaving next week.

What? You weren’t worried, and you don’t CARE when I leave?? FINE! BE that way.

I’m leaving anyway, and no amount of pleading will make me stay home, so just hush.

Now that both of my daughters are living in new (to them) quarters out of this state, we have a ready-made excuse to go check out their current domiciles. Plus my mother (who lives with my sister in Maryland) just turned 89 this month and I’d like to see her as often as I can. Ergo, long trip ahead!

As of now the plans include driving to Central Florida to see Joy, Johnny, and grandson Trevor. We’ll spend a weekend with them and then head north toward Maryland. Since we’ll be driving close to and through some prime golf destinations, we’ll just HAVE to spend a few days in that activity on the way to Maryland. (Yeah, it’s a tough task. But darn it, we may just HAVE to.)

Following a few days of getting caught up on that branch of the family (and as the old saying about relatives and fish goes, two days is probably plenty, and three’s the absolute limit), we’ll head northwest toward Chicago and check out Amy and Tom’s high rise apartment inside the Loop.

Before (hopefully) we’ve outstayed our welcome there, we’ll turn southwest toward Texas. Depending on our mood and dwindling resources we MAY try to find some additional golf venues on the way home. Or we may just boogie to get back in time to rest up before I go back to the office.

Our timing? Oh, we’re thinking about leaving just before Labor Day weekend. That’ll put us in Chicago in the middle of September, which is (I’m told) the best time of year there. (Viki? Any comment about that, you Chicago-dweller?)

We’ve got plenty of time to plan, prepare, and gather all the stuff we’ll pack along.

Oh, speaking of that, we’ll be “packing” our new laptop computer and looking for wireless hotspots or other opportunities to get online along the way, so this blog will not be without fresh postings from time to time. I’ll try to keep all (both?) of you regaled with tales of our travels.

Just for Karyn’s insomnia I’ll try to include some golf scores and stories.

Meanwhile, the planning is almost as much fun as the trip. In some cases, it’s more fun. Especially if something bad happens on the trip. Like a breakdown; or a wreck.

Or overstaying our welcome with relatives. (Pee-yew!!)


Karyn Lyndon said...

Funny you should say that. My husband and son played golf last Friday and I got to hear about EVERY SINGLE HOLE. His story always starts out the same way: "On the first hole..."

He can't remember my birthday but he can recall every club, every swing every divot...zzzzzzzzzzzz...ooops...sorry...

At least your golf stories have cute little baby animals or hummers or something...

the many Bs said...

That sounds like a good vacation - a road trip with frequent stops to golf and visit folks. Have fun!