Sunday, November 05, 2006

Good Grief!

On Friday I wrote a post about my company's United Way campaign. Nankin commented that at HER employer, the "fair share" gift is considered to be one day's pay per month.


Um... Well... Wow!

I guess I must be really behind the times. Like I said, at my company one HOUR'S pay per month is considered the fair share gift, although they don't really use that phrase any more.

About half of my employees pledge that one hour's pay per month, and that always puts us in the top 10 in per capita giving in our local United Way. I'm wondering how many people at Nan's company pledge a day's pay per month (obviously 8 times what we consider to be gererous.)

How about it, Nan? Any percentages or figures on fair share giving at your place?

And you others who actually go to work and suffer through an annual giving campaign like this, what is considered "fair share" at your place (if you even use the concept)?

One hour's pay per month is only a bit over one half of one percent of a person's income. One day's pay per month is 8 times that much, or 4.6%. Some people tithe to their church, which equates to over TWO day's pay per month.

So, tell me your experiences, please.

I may have to adjust my thinking about charitable giving.


Candace said...

Just wondering, do the employers match this?

Duke_of_Earle said...

Good question, if anyone responds to this. In our case, no. The company makes its own "corporate" United Way gift from a budget category called "Donations and Contributions" that is established each year in advance. And in our case, the company amount is usually lower than the total employee pledge!


Anonymous said...

Sounds a little like intimadation for a firm to ask an employee to give one day's pay per month. Just my two cents worth.

Ana Lee Kennedy said...

I commend anyone who supports these organizations. I've been on the hardship side more times than I care to admit, and if it wasn't for the generosity of people who I don't know, I'd be on the street with my kids.

Shesawriter said...

That sucks. I'm sorry. They shouldn't be telling people how much to give. Unbelievable.

Zinnia said...

I agree with Shesawriter.

One of my kids came home last night and told me I had to fork over money for a "mandatory" donation for donkey basketball. I sort of blew a fuse over the announcement. I'm doing creative bill paying to get by right now and someone TELLS me I MUST donate when I can't even figure out how to keep my electric turned on? Lemme tell ya, I kicked a couple chickens around over that one.