Monday, April 16, 2007

A repeat

Last night I turned off my suspect computer. After it had finished it's weekly virus scan, and a hard-drive defrag.

I mean, why not? I had turned it off over the weekend and it came back on when I pushed its little button. No reason to think it might stay comatose like after the lightning storm, right? I mean, that's old news.

Besides, I've already ordered my new Dell machine. So if this old one gets cranky again, I'll just have to wait a week or two and I'm back in business.

So I turned it off.

This afternoon, after arriving home from work, I pushed its little button and guess what happened? Right! Nothing.

I spoke a few choice words to it, and pushed its button again. Same result.

My words became a steady stream. I removed the side panel to make sure the little green LED was glowing. Sure enough, it was. AHA!! Snoozing again!

I shook the case, pushed the "on" button repeatedly, and incanted additional invective. (Say, I ought to put those words in a poem... like "paregoric" and "anagesic.")

I pulled the plug, cycled other switches, and wiggled various wires and ribbon cables. Nada.

So I walked away. In fact, I got into my car and ran an errand. About 15 minutes later the machine remained just as I'd left it (imagine that!), so just on a whim I pushed its little button again.

LIFE! Its fans began turning, its hard drive commenced clicking, and it booted up Windows! I'm typing this post on it, so if the post is published and you're reading this, it stayed alive long enough for me to do that much, at least.

And no, I don't think I'll be turning it off again any time soon. Not until the new machine is up and running, at least. What is the mantra? Oh yes, "One day at a time."


kenju said...

Leave it on, John! We can't do without your posts until the new one arrives....LOL

Unknown said...

Yes, please do leave it on: I can't say when I've seen one give more warning signs than that one has.

Peter said...

I always just hibernate my laptop John, it doesn't have to load Windows each time... very quick.

Anonymous said...

John, you said the Dell you ordered is black. You must have ordered that top of the line gamer. It does look nice.

robotjam said...

I hibernated my laptop last year, it went and slept in cave for 3 months. It was really grumpy when it woke up.