Monday, May 07, 2007


No, that's not acclaim. Acclimation is the act of getting acclimated. As in, to a particular climate. Get it? Ac-climate.

I'm quite thoroughly acclimated to a closely controlled climate. One that keeps the temperature somewhere between 74 and 80 degrees fahrenheit, with a relative humidity down around 50-60% or so. That's the climate in my office and my home; the two places I spend the vast majority of my life.

Since I am thus acclimated, if my environment gets much above 80 degress and/or the humidity rises above about 70%, my body gets damp. Or wet. Depending.

I expect that, and dress accordingly on the golf course. But this afternoon at about 4:30 Carol and I went outside to hang some light plastic shutters. The sun was low in the sky, and this is just the first week in May for Pete's sake.

Nevertheless, dressed in shorts and a tee shirt, within 30 minutes I was soaked. It may not be summer yet in South Texas, but it's darn sure getting close to it! I don't think the temperatures were higher than the mid 80s, but the humidity HAD to be 120%, at least.

When we bought this house (white brick) the front-facing windows had black, wooden decorative shutters. Well, we've lived here over 20 years, and the original shutters were rotting and falling off. We pulled them down weeks ago.

Carol just read that and said, "No, it was months ago. Months and months ago. In fact, it was last summer!"

She's a stickler for accuracy.

Regardless, we were now going to replace them! I am proud of the fact that within one hour by the clock we had new shutters up on all four front windows.

(That makes me wonder: is one hour by the clock shorter or longer than one hour by the sun, or some other measure?)

I am NOT proud of the fact that two of the little plastic devices that secure the shutters to the brick were ruined in the effort, and now have to be replaced. But "stuff" happens, as they say.

Carol says they weren't lined up properly when I tried to tap them into place. I say, "stuff" happens!

To someone driving by or walking down the street I'm sure those missing fasteners cannot be noticed. Nor do they negatively impact the shutters' security to the wall.

But Carol knows they're missing. And until they are properly replaced, I will likely continue to sweat. Acclimated or not.


kenju said...

Hey, at least you know how to hang shutters. Mr. kenju wouldn't know where to start.

Anonymous said...

That is why I enjoy autumn so much. The sun looses its intensity and I don't perspire as much and air conditioning in the home is a luxury most South African cannot afford. Are the shutters decorative or are they able to close to protect you from the heat? I love the Eurostyle windows and shutters which are available here but very very expensive. The shutters slide into place and lock which is not only super against the heat but a great burglar system too. Oh to be wealthy!

Anonymous said...

We don't get the nice warm weather you do, but we don't have the humidity either. I envy you do it yourself guys. My brother is another one. I do a few things, but we're renting and I leave most of the work to the house owner.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Kenju, It's not so much a matter of "knowing how." It's more one of figuring that if I can read the instructions, I can probably get it pretty close to right. Despite the "stuff" that happens.

Michelle, No, these shutters are just light (thin plastic) decorative strips of color beside the windows. They have absolutely no practical purpose. Kinda like a man's necktie.

Steve, I guess one always misses what one doesn't have, and gripes about the "same ole, same ole." I really enjoy visiting places (mountains, desert) where the humidity is low and I can wear a shirt through the day without sticky dampness on my skin. I marvel at men in this climate who, because it's conventional, wear a coat and tie to work (or church or whatever).

Anonymous said...

Weeks ago...last summer, hey, close enough for blogging. Too bad the technology hasn't reached a point where you can acclimatate the outside.

Nankin said...

I know what you man about the humidity. It's the same here in northTexas. At 72 degrees in the house Jimbob sits and sweats and I freeze.

Peter said...

Hi John, you are so right about that "stuff" happens stuff, when I let my guard down and tackle some minor house repairs (this happens infrequently now, at last I'm learning) that "stuff starts happening.

Karyn Lyndon said...

At least a necktie keeps your shirt from getting dirty.

Anonymous said...

I would say "acclimatised".

- deanimator