Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Giant Bubble Blowing Panda

Illustrated by RobotJam.
(Picture provided 5/04/07)

This morning RobotJam posted a comment on my "Rockin' and Rulin'" post of last Monday.

He asked,"Duke, are you doing requests now? I'd quite like a story about a giant bubble blowing panda."

He didn't say why. But then, that's RobotJam for you.

Well, okay. I thought I'd start in poem style and see what came out. An hour or so later, here's the result. Don't know if it's what he had in mind, but with RobotJam it's often hard to figure out what's in mind. If anything.

The Giant Bubble Blowing Panda

The giant bubble blowing panda
Danced across the stage
While children squealed with stark delight
—A trait that’s lost with age!

Their parents watched with thin-veiled glee
To see the youngsters’ joy.
T’was not a live bear, after all,
But just a puppet toy.

There was no need to fear this show
In circus midway tent.
The cost was but a penny, which
Was surely wisely spent.

Though blazing sun beat down outside,
The tent did shade the glare.
A welcome respite from the stagnant
Hot and dusty air.

Fair bubbles from the panda’s mouth
Did float above the crowd.
Then gently popped, their cooling mist
Descending like a cloud.

As each breathed in that vapor fine
He soon began to yawn.
Then hours later found himself
Awakening in the dawn.

The circus tents, the crowds and noise,
The midway on the lawn,
Along with each one’s purse or bag
Had disappeared. Long gone!

The parents and their children
Stumbled ‘round to find their own.
‘Mid hugs, they learned that each was well,
Then wended their way home.

But in the shire’s next county,
Near another little town
A circus now was setting up.
The people gathered round

To watch the bears and elephants,
The big top rising tall,
The many midway freaks and shows;
They’d want to see them all!

They marveled at the low, low cost.
How could this show make money?
When the giant bubble blowing panda
Tent cost just a penny!

So, Rob, there you have it. Care to illustrate this magnum opus?


Peter said...

You're right John, one has to wonder about robotjam's need for a story about a giant bubble blowing panda, but I'm not sure you have come out of this squeaky clean either.... what on earth would make you think of crooks in a circus environment and a Panda (bubble blowing or not) in the same vein??

Christina said...

What are you people smoking? Can I have some?

Duke_of_Earle said...


Well, gee! In what vein do YOU see a giant bubble blowing panda? Given the premise of the topic, I thought the circus was eminently logical as a venue. And aren't all circuses crooked?


Hahahahahahaha! LOL at "Can I have some?"

(No! It's all MINE!!)

jan said...

You now have the Poet Laureate title all sewed up now. Inspired!!!

Duke_of_Earle said...


Inspired? From an English teacher, that's high praise indeed! The question, as asked by Christina, is: Inspired by what?


jan said...

Inspired by the muses.

Have I mentioned what a real suck up I am?

Duke_of_Earle said...


I'm not sure. I do remember you mentioning fleas, though. (Or was that NO fleas...?)

kenju said...

I think it's good John! I drew a picture long ago for my son, of a circus tent with an elephant and some other animals. Too bad I can't photograph it and send it to you because it would illustrate this fairly well. I'd just have to add a panda blowing bubbles.

robotJAM said...


I will send you the picture of the Giant Bubble blowing panda I did before you wrote this.

It was in fact a cunning plan to get you to write a poem for me !

The only problem is that you've gone an added a circus which will require some amendments to my artwork.

Duke_of_Earle said...


As cunning plans go, that was a good one. But your lack of a specific setting left the tent flap open, so to speak, for a possible circus or even a bamboo forest (which I considered first.)

Actually I was pretty proud of incorporating your (somewhat unlikely) subject into a larger story and telling it in rhyme. Thanks for the opening!


Michelle said...

Once again - a brilliant poem. Maybe I can get inspired by it - need more poems for the album I am doing.

Have a fab weekend.

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