Thursday, June 21, 2007

Trimmer update!

Good news! In my attempt to make my string weed-trimmer run, I'd cleaned the wrong parts.

The shop mechanic told me the exhaust system (muffler) was plugged up, not the air cleaner or spark plug as I had suspected.

So no parts were bought, and only a half-hour of labor was charged for the cleaning. It runs good as new now!

(And Karyn had the nerve to accuse me of keeping items far past their normal useful life!)

Of course, next week the trimmer head will probably fall off when the rusted-through shaft breaks, but I'll get another week out of it!


1 comment:

robotjam said...


ok so I have suggested astro turf on green paint on the dust to solve your mowing problem but now I have the ultimate.

I was out this weekend and found these weird funny creatures in a field, they were 4 legged and covered in white fur, and what was really amazing is the farmer had trained them to mow his lawn for him ! Would you belive that !

I can get his number if you want and see if he would sell one.

Then you can sit on the porch drinking a nice cold cider while it does all the work for you.


P.S it was amazing as well there seemed to be no collection bag on the creature so I am not sure where all the grass went to, perhaps it uses reverse osmosis.