Saturday, June 30, 2007


Well, we made it to Montgomery, AL, despite very heavy traffic on the interstates. And despite heavy showers from Victoria to Houston, and then intermittently the rest of the way.

We passed a LOT of folks pulled over by other folks who have flashing red and blue lights on top of their cars. Fortunately I was not one of those pulled over. I say fortunately, because although I was "going with the flow" of traffic, there were a number of times when the flow was going along at about 10 miles over the posted limit. Heck, I was pulling a trailer (camper). I certainly wasn't hot-rodding around.

All is well, so far. Tomorrow begins our three days of golfing heaven (weather permitting). Not much else to tell. Or that I'm WILLING to tell.

Like Kenju says, "Imagine what I'm leaving out!"

Later, all.


kenju said...

No, I cannot imagine, John. You have to tell me!

Thanks for the link, and I hope you have e days of fabulous golf, weather permitting....LOL

Badabing said...

Aw come on...tell tell.

Christina said...

I choose NOT to imagine!

Oh, yeah, I know all about those people with the red and blue lights. It sucks when they pick YOU to pull over just for driving the same speed as everyone else. ("everyone else" being the other car doing 90 in the passing lane. haha!)