Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Vicarious adventure

I had to go to Austin (again) for a day of meetings yesterday. This was my third trip to the Texas capital city this year. I drove up the night before and stayed at the downtown Omni hotel. A classy establishment (read: pricey).

Having become familiar with Badabing’s Badaboom’s seemingly routine bizarre/humorous adventures at various hotel bars while on his business travels, I thought I’d check out the bar scene at the Omni. I spent an hour there nursing a Corona, waiting for something to happen.

I came to a conclusion. Either Badabing knows enough to go to hotel bars where’s the action is, or he has a much better technique than I do for finding interesting experiences to write about.

Other than myself and the guy I was attending the meetings with there were only two other patrons in the whole place. They, like us, were engrossed in the wide-screen TV over the bar tuned to the Spurs second game in the NBA finals. (It was the second quarter, and the Spurs were walking all over the poor Cavs).

In retrospect, I realized that it WAS a Sunday night after all. Plus, our hotel was only two blocks from Austin’s 6th street, which is probably the live music bar and entertainment capital of the capital. So if there WAS any action worth writing about, it was probably happening a very few blocks away.

My meetings the following day were likewise predictable in their lack of exciting content. The best part of the work-day was getting out by 4:00 pm and beating the infamous Austin rush hour traffic out of town.

But the smartest thing I did on the entire trip was stop for carryout Italian food at a Romano’s Macaroni Grill restaurant on my way out of town. Carol was quite happy to see me get out of the car two hours later with the large distinctive carryout bag in hand.

So in the future, I’ll get my hotel bar thrill vicariously from Badabing. Probably better that way. And a LOT less expensive.


Nankin said...

Yeahm hotel bars are highly over rated. Good move on the Macaroni Grill.

Christina said...

Johnny used to play music in hotel bars all across the counrty, but that was years ago when that type of thing was common. I have never been in a hotel bar where there were more than a few people and nobody was having fun. Possible exception: the Radisson in Corpus Christi Beach. But that's because Johnny played music there!

kenju said...

Did you, by chance, have my favorite? Lobster Ravioli. Thesauce is Heavenly!!

Anonymous said...

You did the wise thing. Pass on the excitement and bring home the food.

Duke_of_Earle said...


I did, on YOUR recommendation, have the lobster ravioli during our traditional post-ski-trip Macaroni Grill visit in February. And it is, indeed, heavenly!

On Monday, however, I went back to an old favorite that Carol and I can make TWO meals out of (when I include an appetizer and salads -- along with their fresh-baked Italian bread, of course) the Mama's Trio. It includes a generous serving of chicken parmesan, lasagne, and canneloni. Hence the "trio." Also heavenly!

(Hungry yet?)


Badabing said...

Part of the trick is you gotta' have more than one beer...people then, somewhat magically, become more interesting candidates to start a discussion with.

Oh...I'm in Chicago this week and have another bar story I'll try to post tonight or tomorrow.

Duke_of_Earle said...


Be careful there! I have a daughter who lives in Chicago -- and her husband is 6'6" and 240+ pounds. 'Course, I doubt you'd run into her/them in a hotel bar, but you never know!