Saturday, November 10, 2007

A carved cake?

Remember the pictures of the cake with the FBI Academy emblem on it?

You know...THIS one.

Well, that cake's creator has now delved into the realm of carved cakes. She sent me pictures of the one she did this week for a six-year-old's slumber party. You've gotta see this cake!

So, here it is:

Yes, that's a cake! I know it looks like a girl sleeping, but this was for a SLUMBER party, remember?

Here's a closer look at some details. First the bunny slippers and the popcorn:

Then, from the other side of the bed comes the overnight bag:

And finally, a closer look at the sleeper's face. Don't you love the details? Can't you hear the snores?

I told the cake's creator that I found it quite ironic that her masterpiece depicted the ONE activity least likely to ever take place at a slumber party.

She told me that the kids thought it was okay... but the parents all loved it!


Peter said...

Ruth is one talented cake maker John, and has a great eye for detail too.

Duke_of_Earle said...


You're right -- Ruth is very talented. But she doesn't work with fondant icing, which this is. These cakes were made by a different lady who is ALSO an artist. With this gal, and Ruth, and Carol, and my daughters. . . I have a LOT of talented women in my life!


kenju said...

That woman is very creative, John, and she will go far in the cake business, if she markets herself properly!

Shesawriter said...

It would be a definite shame to eat it. It's so pretty! I wonder how long it took to make.

Nankin said...

Well, I'm certainly impressed. I'd hate to mess it up by eating such a work of art.

robotjam said...

Although its an amazing bit of work, I still find it quite disturbing.

A cake in the shape of a girl in a bed !?!?

The worlds gone nuts.

Anonymous said...

This is GREAT WORK!!!!
Sorry Guys, I am so tired of sitting back & letting people like this dictate OUR LIVES!!!!!!!!