Friday, November 02, 2007

That’s my daughter!

I have two, actually. I’m extremely proud of both, but I’m going to write about just one of them today.

Both of my girls are extremely smart, capable, attractive, and productive members of society. All of those attributes they got from their mother. However, both have also acquired over the years some of their father’s sense of humor (??) and willingness to attempt pretty much anything on the off chance that they might pull it off. Sometimes they succeed.

A few weeks ago, daughter Christina related in her blog the story of her exploding toilet. (I am NOT making this up. You can read about it HERE.)

What she didn’t relate was her repair job.

Before doing anything she called me to ask for advice. We discussed calling a plumber: what that would cost, how long it might take, and so on. I told her she could do the repair herself! I could even talk her through it long distance.

Emboldened, she went to her local home improvement store and bought the entire innards for the top tank. (Note: "innards" is a technical term, but most home improvement store employees do recognize it.)

She called me and said, "Okay, where do I start?"

We determined that the water was shut off. I had her disconnect the supply line from the tank fitting. She was able to get her adjustable pliers on the nut that holds the water intake valve and float mechanism, and loosen it. Once it was off, all the innards came out with no problem.

Her new innards came with instructions and pictures, so she hung up the phone to have both hands free for the installation.

Here's the reason for my pride: the only other call I received was her question about adjusting the water level after everything was put back together!

She told me it didn't even leak!

They ALWAYS leak!

I don't know if it's just pride, or if there isn't a little jealousy mixed in.

Way to go, Christina!


kenju said...

Yes, way to go and congratulations!

I recently had to reassemble my husband's new Norelco razor, which he dropped and it broke apart into 15+ pieces. I was so proud!

Candace said...


um, what do you know about finding a gas leak behind a wall...?

Duke_of_Earle said...


First thing . . . and this is IMPORTANT . . .


(Or if you do, you may not have to worry about that wall any more!)

Beyond that . . . good luck!


Peter said...

THEY ALWAYS LEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!