Saturday, December 01, 2007

Not to rub it in . . .

...but do you know what I did today?

On December 1, 2007?

I put on shorts, a tee shirt, and sandals, and mowed the grass. Then I did some outside work on our camper and tow vehicle. We would have played golf today, again in shorts and a short-sleeve shirt, but Carol has a stomach bug so we stayed around the house.

The title of this post was intended for my dear blog friends in places like Chicago, North Carolina, New York State, Massachusettes, Vermont and just about anywhere in the country other than Texas and the deep South. Oh, and let's include the UK and most of Europe while we're gloating. Now Michelle in South Africa is heading into summer, so she can gloat over all of us northern hemisphere folks (except in June through about September!)

For some reason it's hard to get into the Christmas shopping mood in such weather. Now, our Thansgiving weekend was chilly and blustery so most of the town was out fighting the mobs at the malls on Black Friday this year. And I'm sure we'll get more chilly weather during the next few months.

As often as not, though, we'll have a colder Thanksgiving than Christmas. It'll be interesting to see if that happens again this year.

For now I'm enjoying the fact that our trees still have leaves on them, the grass is still growing enough to require an occasional mowing, and the golf course still beckons.

But don't be too jealous. Most of you don't have to deal with hurricanes and weeks of triple-digit temperatures. When I want to go skiing I have to travel about 1200 miles. And . . . let's see . . . are there any other disadvantages . . .

There MUST be. (I don't want to rub it in TOO much.)



Unknown said...

This is a fair trade for all that heat you get in the summer! I think....

Anonymous said...

Bah humbug...while you're walkin' around in shorts and flip flops I'm donning down jacket and gloves.

Designer Girl said...

I am back and I missed you sooooo much. You would not believe it but we have had a dreadful start to summer. We have had gale force winds blowing non stop for more than 2 weeks and it has been miserable. We have also had a few days of rain (which I have absolutely loved) and now the wind has finally died down for a while.

I saw on the news that Chicago was experiencing bad weather. Hope your daughter is okay.