Saturday, July 09, 2005

Oh dear. No deer!

Carol and I made our weekly trek to the local public golf course this afternoon. Since we were out of town last weekend, it’s been two weeks since we last saw Bambi. I wondered if he’d still be lounging between fairways in the shade, or if the passage of so many humans would have finally driven him into the woods nearby.

We saw no sign of him. Or of any of his relatives.

Of course, it was 97 degrees in the shade with a heat index of 110 today, so maybe he found it cooler in the woods.

Oh, for those of you who may be interested, the Hades index was only about 95% today. According to my sources, Satan has been jealous lately of all the reports that it’s been “hot as Hell” in Texas, so he’s raised the level Down There to somewhere around the midday temperature of Phoenix, AZ. I mean, EVERYbody knows that it’s ALWAYS as hot as Hell in Phoenix this time of year.

We wimped out today and rode in a golf cart. But to our credit we DID spend two hours this morning, and two more hours late this afternoon, working on the arbor we’re building in the back yard. And yes, to those of you who have asked, we WILL have some pictures for you some day soon. Just not yet.

Patience is a virtue. Like personal responsibility. (See previous posts!)

Now, to answer those of you who have commented or emailed me:

1. Viki — To my shame, I HAVE taken golf lessons to try to be more competitive with Carol. But old habits are hard to break. More than one instructor has coached me and then told me to work on his tips and come back when I’ve “got it” and he’ll take me to the next level. Seems like I never quite “get it.”

And yes, I’m glad to see you’ve emerged from the “commentlessness” state you were in. But clearly you’ve never spent much time in Texas. There’s rarely a day when I would WANT to be outside using the laptop. Between the heat, humidity, and yes, the insects, inside with air conditioning is my usual evening habitat.

2. Karyn — What!? No innuendo? My goodness, woman, I thought you could make innuendo out of ANYthing! (Btw, that Freaky Friday post was... well... interesting.) Oh, sorry, I didn’t realize you were asleep. Must have happened when I mentioned “golf.”

3. Michelle — Thanks for your support! Keep clicking that “refresh” button, OK?

So, no deer today. But “deer” rhymes with “beer,” and I think maybe it’s time for one of those!

And no, I’m NOT going to report on golf scores or who won. Use your imagination!


Karyn Lyndon said...

Don't get me wrong...I like your golf stories when you mix them in with animals, or you doing something really stupid...or...hummers.

Anonymous said...

We started off winter with lots of rain and everyone was jubilant - our dams would fill up and we would have no more water restictions. Then it stopped and summer has started here. Hot sunny weather but nice enough to sit outdoors in the sun, relax and enjoy a good book. Why don't you get a group of friends together and come out here for a golf tour. You can experience, hippos, crocs, springbok on the fairways. After golf you can take a landrover as see lions, giraffe, elephants whilst sipping beer.

I am refreshing as much as possible *wink*.

Anonymous said...

Kayrn, have I mentioned lately that I love you?

Your the first person I've met whose mind works like mine. I'm not sure that's a compliment, but still . . . the world is filled with innuendo, if you know where to look or are sick enough to want to look. I'm the latter, I beleive.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Ha! Don't get puffed up, Karyn. He says he loves you but he can't spell your name! Probably been drinking again. When I drink I see and hear innuendo everywhere!

(I'm just jealous. Nobody's told ME lately in a blog comment that they love me!)