Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Home at last!

We awoke this morning in Amarillo, hit the road by 6:30, and were home in Victoria by about 5:00 p.m. The car was unpacked by 5:45, family notified that we were home safe, and all the suitcases and other stuff pretty much put away by 6:30.

This will be another short post, because I’m too tired to worry about messing with our pictures or further detailing our trip tonight. Tomorrow morning I get up at 4:45 (the usual work-day time) to go to work and avoid wasting spending any more vacation days.

But I gotta admit; having three days during which we just sat around and did very little in our Denver hotel room was kind of nice.

I’m NOT looking forward to going to the office in the morning and getting caught up on phone calls and mail and emails. Fortunately I’ve been checking voice messages and work emails while on the trip, so the burden won’t be TOO bad. Maybe I’ll just charge myself with two extra days of vacation, since I did do some work while sitting in Denver. Hey, that ought to be fair, no?

I’ll talk to my boss about that tomorrow.

Whaddaya say Greg? Two extra days, or three?

(I’ve got a feeling it’s gonna be three.)


Hale McKay said...

Welcome back & enjoy the extra days off.

Michelle said...

You are sooooooo not going to have to get up at 4.45am when your book is published.

I am thrilled you had such a good time and am looking forward to seeing your pics. I loved the pic of you which you posted earlier. It has gone into my blogger folder for scrapping.