Thursday, February 16, 2006

"Like Comin’ Home"

“That peaceful easy feelin' at the end of a long, long road.”

Lonestar sings it. I was reminded of it last night after driving all day from before dawn in Amarillo to nearly sunset in Victoria, Texas. "The end of a long, long road." Yeah.

Today was a very busy day at the office. It’s the same whenever you come back to work after a few days of vacation: things have piled up, lots of people want to talk to you about stuff they’ve been saving up, and everybody wants an answer TODAY because they’ve been waiting over a week already. It’s hard to stay pleasant. I have to fight the initial reaction to snap and tell them to give me a little space and time.

But I understand. I expect that people returning from over a week of vacation will be rested, refreshed and in a good mood. So I need to be that way.

I wait until they’ve left my office, and THEN I snarl under my breath. Then I feel better. Until the next person knocks and says (invariably), “You got a minute?” Which always means at least 30 minutes.

Oh well. That’s why they pay me these “big” bucks.

And so I was again reminded of the Lonestar song as I hopped in my car to start for home after 9+ hours in the office today. About halfway through my 35-minute commute I began to sense “that peaceful easy feelin’.”

I was Comin’ Home!


Candace said...

Welcome home!
I always hated that first day back at the office. Until payday, anyhow.

Duke_of_Earle said...


Good point! This IS a pay week for me, and we are paid via direct deposit on Friday, but we get a copy of our paycheck "record" (like a stub) on Wednesdays of pay week. So when I stepped inside yesterday I was handed my pay stub. That WAS a nice feeling.