Monday, February 26, 2007

Bird Follies

At the golf course yesterday, some of the birds decided to put on a little show for us.

First we had a snowy egret dancing the Hokey Pokey:

"You put your left foot in..."

"You take your left foot out..."

"You put your left foot in,

And you shake it all about."

"You do the Hokey Pokey, and you turn yourself about..."

"That's what it's all about!"

"Check out this moon-walk!
I can really strut my stuff with these yellow dancing shoes on!"

"Hmph," said the red-tailed hawk. "I'm not impressed with that.
Hey, cardinal! Let's see your Kim jong-Il impersonation. You know... This guy"

Cardinal replied, "Okay. How's this?"

"If you don't pay me billions, I'll keep firing missiles!"

The hawk said, "Not bad, Card. You're a real card! (Heh, heh.)
Now show us Don King."


"Hey! You with the camera! What are YOU lookin' at! Huh?

Get lost, Bozo"


Anonymous said...

Um, John?
Can I have some of whatever was in your coffee this morning?

kenju said...

Ah, this is priceless, John! I love it.

Christina said...

Funny! Loved the hokey-pokey egret.

kenju said...

John, re the eraser incident: you didn't do anything bad. The teacher was supposedly old enough to know better. You could be excused on the grounds of youth.

Hale McKay said...

Hey John - I think this post merits nomination to one those best blog sites .....

Great, great post!

(Especially with the egret "immulating" the hokey pokey.