Thursday, February 01, 2007

You're the greatest!

Those of you who saw yesterday's post, followed the link, read my first chapter, commented and voted, at least.

The rest of you are okay.

I guess.

Kidding aside, thank you for the wonderful response. My goal was not to win the contest (unrealistic), but just to have as many folks as possible see what I've written and indicate whether or not they'd like to read more.

If you haven't yet voted, please go back and give me a 10!

Yes, that's an unabashed attempt to get high points. But think about it, this isn't really a contest about how good the writing is; it's about points. I'd just like to get enough points to have a second chapter go up. You see, initially this isn't a "writing" contest, it's a popularity contest! Heck, the email from TELLS the writer to notify all your friends and family and have them go, read, and vote.

It's supposed to be "American Idol." The audience doesn't necessarily vote for the best singer, but for somebody they like, feel empathy for, and so on.

I'm amused by many of the comments, which are attempts to critique the writing but seem to be from folks who don't understand. Not just my story, but other first chapters as well. The "judging" is a bit unrealistic, unless the title gives you a clue, because you don't know the genre, you haven't read the liner notes, and you have no idea if you should expect a sweet love story or an action-packed Sci-fi fantasy paranormal vampire book.

Only after the top 10 or 20 vote-getters are selected and the first three chapters are posted will this become a contest of how well-written the novels are. Then the votes should be based on style, and craft, and polish, and hook, and characterization, and voice, and conflict, and all those things.

So, this is a fun exercise. And your willingness to participate is heart-warming.

Thank you!

My blog-readers truly are the BEST!


Michelle said...

I liked it, I said as much and I voted.

Anonymous said...

I loved it, John. I registered and voted.

kenju said...

I read it - I liked it - and I left a comment over there!

Nankin said...

I'll just say ditto to these comments.