Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I think spring has indeed sprung in my part of the world.


Well, blogging about the weather is boring and inane, so it has nothing to do with the weather. Besides, most everybody thinks the daytime temps are getting warmer only because of global warming, right? I mean, that's all you read about in the paper or hear about on the news. Gotta be global warming. Yeah. Right.

And no, despite the appearance of robins on the golf course, I do not take that as a sign of spring's approach. As Karyn pointed out last time I mentioned this, those robins COULD still be on their way south.

And no, the lengthing time between sunrise and sunset has nothing to do with it. I mean, THAT's probably caused by the hole in the ozone layer, or Al Gore, or something.

(Sorry. I usually refuse to get political in my blog because I'm guaranteed to offend somebody. But then, I usually manage to offend some anyway, so...)

No. None of those. The clue about spring springing was found just across the street from me, in the yard of my neighbor. When I came home from work today he was out there with his garden tiller working the soil!

In fact, he had just completed tilling his entire vegetable garden and was putting the tiller away. Tomorrow I imagine he'll start his early planting.

Guess I'll have to fire up the lawn mower and start cutting down the spring growth of weeds in the back yard.



kenju said...

Ooh, when you finish, come and do mine, willya?

Monica said...

Teens last week, eighties this week. No wonder people are so sick. But that's Texas weather, right? :)

I can't wait for spring either!!

Nankin said...

I know the politicians are beating thier collective chest over global warming...but from what I've heard this is not the first time Earth has heated up. It has also become a frozen little cue ball floating in space on more than one occassion.

This is just the first time that "man" is being threatened.