Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Interview with a Great Egret

Romantic Ramblings: Hello. According to my guidebook to North American Birds, you are a Great Egret. Is that true?

Bird: Of course! What else would I be? And, by the way, I think the adjective part of my name is particularly apt, don't you?

RR: Well, leaving that aside for now, I must say you strike a very graceful pose. And you look to be in excellent physical shape. How do you maitain that slim look and flexibility with all those feathers?

Bird: Thank you. I work hard at it. Aerobic dance is the best exercise I've found for both fitness AND flexibility. Here, let me show you. . . (Hums "Stayin' Alive" and begins to dance.)

RR: Man, you've got some moves that would make a younger John Travolta jealous! But I understand that you can do amazing things with that long neck of yours. Can you show us?

Bird: With pleasure. I'll bet you short-necked creatures could never do THIS:

RR: Unbelievable!

Bird: No, that was nothing. Try THIS one some time. Stick your nose in your armpit upside down!

RR: Er... (ahem). Most of us would prefer NOT to stick our nose in our armpit, but I enjoy watching you do it. It looks like everything I've heard about you is true. I'm in awe! But graceful flying is supposed to be your real forte. Is it true you can do airborne impersonations?

Bird: Of course. Those are my specialties. For example, here's an angel flying:

Bird: And how about some airplanes? Here's a World War II F4U Corsair. Remember? That gull-wing fighter?

Bird: And for a more modern plane, how's this for a Stealth Bomber?

RR: Superb! Now show me a short field landing!

Bird: Short field? HA! I'll show you how to land and stop on a dime -- a pin-point landing. Watch THIS!

Bird: Now THAT was a full-flap landing!

RR: Thanks, G.E. Great feather definition on that last landing. Your control is truly wonderful. Well, we've got to go now. Enjoyed talking with you.

Bird: Come back any time. I can show you more moves than those!


Karyn Lyndon said...

Clever, cute and cool!!! (the three Cs).

kenju said...

LOVE this one, John, and that last photo is terrific!!

Anonymous said...

That was excellent - I enjoyed it.

Badabing said...

Very creative, John. I liked that a lot.

Peter said...

Sensational photos, great post John.