Friday, September 14, 2007

Still alive

In Chicago for the weekend. Done lots of driving, lots of golf. Had a great visit with Christina in Florida (which she chronicles in her current post on her blog.) Now visiting my other daughter.

I should be home by the middle of next week. I MIGHT even get a chance to visit some of your blogs then and comment. But only if I get to come home from work for a few hours every day, which is doubtful based on the work emails and phone calls I've been getting while on this trip.

Thanks to all of you who have stopped by while I've been away to see if I've posted anything.

And sorry, Viki, but it looks like this will be yet another year that I've visited your great city and not taken time to meet you. Some day... Some year...

Oh, and Tracye...? My daughter here tells me that you've been complaining about my lack of recent posts. If you're going to lurk about and read my blog, you might leave a comment every now and then. Oh, yes! I know you're there! (There are few if any secrets in the Earle family.


Anonymous said...

Well I have been viewing every single day since you left in order to keep up with you and Carol and I have learned nothing until today.
Be safe and keep having a great time. Tell your family hello for me.We sure do miss you.

Jack K. said...

Good to know you are still among us.

Thanks to Cristina for the easy link.

Unknown said...


Peter said...

Welcome home John.

Emmy Ellis said...

I'll leave a comment. Can't be doing with being a lurker.


Candace said...

Good to hear from ya, John! Looking forward to your return home and regular blogging!

Anonymous said...

Fine, fine, I'll leave a comment. Even though Amy said I should never, under any circumstances, ever read your blog, I quickly became addicted! So glad to "see" you're back!


Duke_of_Earle said...

Thank you, Tracye!

(I guess "addictive" is better than some other words you might have used!)