Sunday, September 16, 2007

The view from the top

...of the Sears tower, looking north along the shore of Lake Michigan.

Today is our last day in Chicago before heading home, and we're playing tourist

If you go, try to pick a clear day when the horizon is razor-sharp. It's worth the $12.95 price of the one-minute ear-popping elevator ride.

And for some contrast, here's the view looking southeast.


Christina said...

I hope you enjoyed your visit with Amy - I look forward to the pictures.

jan said...

I envy you so much. I grew up in Indiana and Chicago was always THE exciting city to visit. And it was never second to any city. Ever.

Badabing said...

Looks like I just missed you...I was in Chicago myself on Wednesday.

Have a safe & happy rest of your trip.

Candace said...

Those are amazing - can't wait to see the rest when you get back.