Saturday, September 22, 2007

Vicarious Vacation

One of my readers commented that he enjoys a vicarious vacation by reading descriptions of my travels.

Well, he said something like that. That was a paraphrase.

Anyway, so as not to disappoint, (and as you may remember, I promised!) below are some shots from the first few days of our recent trip. By the way, we put 4,500 miles on the old van and spent 11 nights in our camper on the trip... for those of you keeping score

Our first stop was Tampa to visit daughter Christina, her husband Johnny, and (most importantly) our grandson Trevor. We went to a street festival with them over labor day weekend, and I have a few shots of that experience.

Below you'll see Trevor interacting with some dogs that other people brought. You'll notice that the dogs are on leashes. You'll also notice that Trevor is in a harness and on a leash. (That's Trevor in the yellow shirt, in case you're confused.)

You might wonder why Trevor is on a leash.

Here's why:

This is Trevor when he's NOT on a leash. That's his mom, Christina (my daughter) pursuing.

Here (below) we see Trevor interacting with a large tortoise. Like most 2-year-olds, he loves all kinds of animals.

Well, maybe not ALL kinds. He probably doesn't love wasps. Or mosquitoes. Or rattlesnakes . . . Okay! He loves SOME kinds of animals! Specifically, the ones he can pet and that don't bite or sting him! Just BE that way. (Literalist.)

Later that weekend we went to the beach. Isn't that what one is supposed to do in Florida? And on Labor Day weekend? C'mon, it's traditional!

So there we were at the beach, and Trevor wanted to show off his soccer skills. Well, why not? Tiger Woods was showing off his golf skills at two, shooting his first sub-par round at Augusta National and beating most of the pros that year in the Masters pro-am, wasn't he? So who's to say Trevor won't be the next Becket of soccer, like Tiger is the current Nicklaus of golf?

That guy in the red tee shirt is Trevor's Grandpa, showing the young prodigy how to kick the ball like a pro. Note Grandpa's pink feet. That's the result of LOTS of summer hours spent outdoors (on a golf course) with golf shoes and socks on.

Here's Trevor showing how fast he learns:

And finally, one more shot of his obvious skill and talent (not to mention his good looks and stellar personality -- watch out, girls!)

(NEXT: On to Georgia for a week of golf!)


r.e.wolf said...

"Yep, that's a picture of me and my Grandpa. The one they called 'Pinky Toes'. Here's one of him aiming a kick at me..." :D Looks like it was a great outing!

Christina said...

Trevor takes after his maternal grandfather...OBVIOUSLY!!!

southernbelle said...

You have to do something about that golfer tan you have successfully achieved this summer. Try self-tan before you go on your next holiday. :-)

Candace said...

It looks like you're taking lessons from HIM. There you are, hands on hips, studying his technique quite intently. Very funny!

Peter said...

Or even the next Beckham of soccer.