Thursday, March 06, 2008

Going once . . . Going twice . . . SOLD!!

Yep, the van has been sold.

Well, I haven’t got any MONEY for it yet, but the eBay auction is over and the winner has contacted me to make arrangements to bring me cash!

I had tried on eBay Motors back in December, but I’d set an (apparently) unrealistic reserve (minimum price), and nobody bid even close to it.

This time I did some additional research and set a reserve that was lower than I hoped to get, but that I was willing (reluctantly) to settle for. Imagine my joy when the second day of the auction somebody bid the reserve price! I just KNEW was pretty sure hoped prayed that the final price would be even higher.

Sure enough in the last few hours of the auction the price jumped up, as is typical, to more than $700 above my reserve price.

So now if the winner will just show up with cash as promised . . .

I’ll let you know.

(By the way, Nankin, thanks for asking!)


kenju said...

I hope you get your cash! I tried to sell some jewelry on ebay 2-3 years ago, but no one bid anywhere close to the reserve. What a comedown that was....LOL

Duke_of_Earle said...


I've had very good luck on eBay. I don't sell a lot, or often. But I usually end up getting a higher price than I thought I would.


M.E Ellis said...

Whoo hooo! There's an art on how to work ebay bids. Hubby is excellent at it. One of our last purchases was of two TVs at 99p each and a stereo, also for 99p.

Hee hee.


Nankin said...

I'm so glad this worked for you.