Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wonderful weather this year!

What a great Easter weekend!

After the last two or three years of getting either rained out or frozen out, we finally had three good weekend days in a row for golf at and near Kerrville, where we camped. Eachnight we bundled up under sleeping bags when the outside (and inside) temperatures dropped into the 40s. But the days quickly warmed up into the 70s or low 80s, so by afternoon we were golfing in shorts and short sleeved shirts.

I even came back with a slightly sunburned neck!

(I know . . . Here come the "red neck" jokes.)

All danger of frost is now over in this part of Texas.

What? How do I know? Because the mesquite brush and trees are putting out their yellowish-greenish leaves. Common local folklore has it that once the mesquite leaves come out there'll be no more frost till the following winter.

How did we play, you ask? Well, Carol had several rounds in the 80s. One, in fact, of 83 (a VERY nice round indeed!)

I, on the other hand, played. We won't talk about scores.

Yes, there were some good shots. In fact, there were a LOT of good shots! Ah, but then there were all those other shots!

We took the camera but have not a single picture to share. Call it laziness on our part, but we just never saw anything that begged to have its image recorded. So, we forbore.

Carol has already asked me when I'm planning to take her out of town to go camping again. If this past weekend trip was an indication of what the next trip will be like, it won't be long.


Designer Girl said...

I'm baaaack (again).

Your Easter weekend sounded fun. My Easter weekend was spent house sitting my friends gorgeous house and the weather was fantastic and though the water was cold, I did sit with my legs in the swimming pool.

I have started working fulltime again. This simple act has caused my emotional state of mind to rise considerably.

kenju said...

I figured you were out playing golf; you don't post much anymore.