Tuesday, March 11, 2008

No gun, no knife. Just a nice guy!

Did I express a bit of angst? Did I sound paranoid? Hmmm. What’s WRONG with me?

(Don’t start!)

(Oh, and see yesterday’s post for some background on this story.)

Ahem. Well, as per my plan I drove to the local Motel 6 to drop off my car. Now, I would have just parked it, locked it, and gone home (Carol had followed me there in our other car). But no – Carol insisted that I go inside and tell the desk clerk what I was doing, “So they won’t have your car towed away!”

I harrumphed something along the lines of, “Yeah, like they’re gonna go out and patrol the parking lot in the Motel 6, check license numbers, and have a car towed! Gimme a break!”

But you know how demanding wives can be sometimes are, so I went in. The enterprising clerk told me that leaving the car was fine, but checked her reservation listing and found no Aaron Smith (not his real name) on it. Inspired, I asked her to check the TUESDAY night list and sure enough, there he was. But the motel was full for Monday night.

I visualized this poor guy getting into town at 1:30 am, taking a taxi to the motel, and having no room. What’s he gonna do – sleep in the lobby? I called his cell phone number and actually got him! He was on the train between Beaumont and Houston.

After some effort, I found him a room in a different motel, found him an all-night taxi service that would take him there from the bus stop, and called him with the information. Yes, I left my car at that motel.

Then this morning I drove the van to that motel and went to the lobby. Two minutes later, in walks this really clean cut, 30-ish man with a firm handshake and a wholesome look about him. He says, “You must be John! I’m Aaron.”

He drove the van, pronounced it all he’d hoped it would be, counted out the exact amount in crisp new bills, and I signed over the title and gave him my two sets of keys. He was very appreciative of my efforts on his behalf (motel, taxi), and of the car.

We shook again, I left for work, and he went back to his room for, “A few more hours’ sleep before I hit the road for home.”

An altogether pleasant experience.

Y’know, there are a lot of creeps and crooks out there, but there are also a lot of good, honest people.

Aaron Smith seems to be one of the latter.

And by the way, Carol? Thanks for insisting!


Unknown said...

And you, sir, are most DEFINITELY one of the latter.

kenju said...

YOu, John, are ONE in a MILLION!!What a nice guy you are.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Aw, heck, folks. **Blush**

I just wanted to sell my van!

Nankin said...

Yes, you are a nice person and I hope Aron appreciated your efforts. I'm also glad thing turned out well.