Saturday, March 01, 2008

Our van will sell this time!

And if you want to watch with us the auction of our 12-year old Family Vacation vehicle on eBay, click HERE.

I had tried to sell it on eBay back in December, but set a high reserve (which I thought it was worth!) and no one bid an amount even close. This time I set a much lower reserve, and the first bid exceeded it. It WILL sell this time!

We're sorry to see it go, but we've already replaced it with a nice, new Ford Expedition to pull our camper trailer with. The Ford is MUCH quieter, and smoother-riding, and more luxurious, and on and on.

The auction will end on Tuesday evening. Watch if you like. Hell, BID if you like! It really is a fantastic utility vehicle. And if one of my blogger friends buys it I'll get to meet you!


kenju said...

John, I wish you luck with the auction and I hope you make a good profit! I won't be bidding...:-/

nankin said...

So, has it sold yet?