Friday, November 21, 2008

I promised you a report

. . . about my presentations to the high school seniors on the topic of "Getting the Job."

They went very well. Most of my audience stayed awake through my entire spiel and I got a few laughs at some parts. Some were (naturally) more interested than others, and there were a fair number of questions.

Probably most gratifying was the reaction of the teachers who heard me, and one who didn't.

Those who did hear me all agreed that the information, although pretty fundamental, was important for the students to hear. And they were gracious enough to say that it was presented well.

I had put together a two-page (actually one piece of paper, front and back) bullet-point outline of the important points, dos and don'ts, etc., without the anecdotes that were in my talk. This was intended as a handout. Most of the students didn't take any, so I had a stack of them on the table at my company's booth that was set up in the large auditorium. A small number of those copies were picked up over the two-day program.

One teacher from a different high school (who had not heard my talk) picked up a handout and sent me an email today complimenting it and saying she intended to make copies and give them to all of her students because they needed to know those things. She felt it would have more impact coming from "someone in industry rather than a teacher, because students don't think teachers know anything about the real world."

I replied thanking her for her kind words, and offering to make my talk to her students. She was thrilled and we've set a date in early December.

So, yes; it was gratifying. And hopefully a few of the students might have learned something. That would be a real plus!


kenju said...

I'll bet they absorbed more than you know.

Jack K. said...

There is something about being able to share information with young people who don't believe they need to hear it.

I remember a college professor who was teaching an elective class to a bunch of us at C&GS. His topic was about interpersonal communication and group communication. It was obvious that some of my classmates were less than enthused. His comment went something like this; "You don't have to believe a word this old man says right now. Just tuck it away in your brain. Someday it will pop back up when you need it, and you will find yourself saying, 'Damn, he was right.'"

Keep up your good works.

Christina said...

good job, and I'm not surprised they listened. you have a way of making things interesting even when they're not!

Duke_of_Earle said...


Wait a minute. Are you saying I talk about uninteresting things?

I'm not quite sure if that was a left-handed compliment or a righ-handed something else!