Sunday, November 30, 2008

Quick update on the post below

Yes, the one about 1-800-goog4411.

I've used it three or four times now, and it works seamlessly. Just yesterday Carol and I were leaving the golf course (go figure) heading home when she wondered if our local Wal Mart pharmacy had received a prescription her mother had been waiting for. She suggested we stop by on the way home and check.

Neither one of us was thrilled by the idea, since it would have been out of the way. But then she said, "Why don't you use that Google thing on your cell phone and call them?"

No, I don't just happen to have the number of the Wal Mart pharmacy in my phone book. But I called the Google number, said, "Victoria, Texas. Wal Mart Pharmacy."

I was automatically connected within less than 30 seconds. Pretty slick, especially if you're out of town!

Now the Google web site assures me that there is no charge for this service. But I guess I'll know for certain when I get my next month's cell phone bill.


R.E. Wolf said...

I've used it successfully for months, with no extra charges. And it has saved my butt as well as my wallet a time of two!

kenju said...

WOW! Good of you to tell us about it. HOpe you had a good Thanksgiving.

Nankin said...

I'll pass this onto Jimbob. He's forever dialing 411.

Christina said...

I have yet to try it but it sounds cool!