Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanks, Hale!

Hale McKay, better known as the Pointmeister, sent me this cartoon in response (sort of) to my last post.

Since one of the points I made to the high school students concerned the need for brevity in a resume, (especially for an entry-level job, for which prior experience is not a requirement), I thought it was very appropriate.

Some folks seem to think that the impressiveness quotient of a resume or curriculum vitae increases in direct proportion to its weight and/or page count. (Kinda like that last sentence!) But in most cases, less is more.


Jack K. said...

How true. Resumes must be short. One can have a longer, more detailed accounting of one's experience to bring to the interview.

I used to work for Haldane and Associates among my many experiences since retiring from the Army.

Hale McKay said...


I was certain you would be able to use that cartoon.

I can remember a resume from one Harvard graduate expecting to start at 50K which contained 5 quotes from Byron.

That sucker would've jammed a shredder had we had one then.