Sunday, March 06, 2005

Another rainy Sunday

Just like last weekend. Rain starting Saturday in the early afternoon. Rain all last night, sometimes hard. This morning the rain continues, ranging from a mist to a steady pour.

The back yard is a pond, the front ditches are full, and still it rains. A dark, dreary day.

(Shhhh. Pardon my whispering, but I think the toilet is napping. I checked on it this morning and was unable to find any trace of a leak, but I thought I sensed it grinning to itself. I’m going to try a little reverse psychology and claim to my blog readers that my repair of last week must have been successful.)

Ahem. So, all you faithful readers, I have an announcement to make. My toilet repair and replacement of last weekend was a COMPLETE success. Seven days have passed with NO leaks. Seven consecutive leak-free days meets the official definition of a successful plumbing repair, so there it is!

(I think the toilet heard that. If so, within the next day or two it will HAVE to start leaking. Otherwise I’ll claim that any future leaks are a new problem, and not the result of this last repair being flawed. I’m putting the squeeze on it. The leaking will begin very soon or I’ll have won this round. The die is cast. Heh, heh.)

If the above makes no sense to you, either you have no experience trying to repair toilets, or you haven’t read my posting of Feb. 26 and 27. Check ‘em out and you’ll know.

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