Thursday, March 17, 2005

Odds and Ends

The wife’s new wristwatch looks and works fine.

Her new cell phone is programmed and seems to be very satisfactory.

Now if I can just get her motor-caddie’s remote control function to work, all will be OK again. Then I can probably get away with an occasional snide remark or joke about taking her cart for another swim.

On a different matter, for those of you waiting for the proverbial other shoe to fall, there are STILL no leaks manifesting themselves around the hall bathroom toilet. Don’t worry—I’m not fooled. It’s still biding its time. It’ll happen. Meanwhile I am enjoying the respite.

I think I’m ready for the “continued” hearing on Monday. I emailed my daughter an updated list of questions for her to review. They’re for her and other witnesses. There’s also a new “summary statement.” I’ve tried to anticipate all the possible twists, turns and surprises. You’ll get a full report next week.

I emailed Lantz (literary agent) last week asking for an update on his efforts to “pitch my project.” No answer. Tonight I’ll send him a follow up to make sure he got the first one. My insecurities are screaming, “Nobody likes it. Everybody hates it. He just doesn’t want to tell you.” Then I remember comments by complete strangers who’ve read the manuscript and reported that they loved it and cried. OK. Relegate the insecurities to where they belong. Which is in the same category as my knowledge that the toilet will leak.

Work is busy. All in all, my glass is still at least ¾ full. None of that half-way stuff for me, either way.

There. I’ve vented. I feel better. Thanks for listening.

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