Friday, March 18, 2005


We had a rare slow day at the office today. The sun was shining all day, temperature in the mid 70s, Spring Fever rampant among those of us in and around our offices.

An email came to me from a colleague at a neighboring plant belonging to a different company. She mentioned the pervasive feeling of “I want to be anyplace except work today” that was floating around her digs. I appreciated that. It made concentrating on benefits administration and telephone bills SO much more interesting and fulfilling. But daydreaming about the outdoors when I’m getting paid for other tasks makes me feel... well, guilty.

Much of the talk in our lunch room was about the “March Madness” college basketball tournament and the office pool that is in full swing. Somehow I can’t get interested in that either. I went (a lifetime ago) to a very small college with no athletic prowess in any sport, so college basketball, football, and all the other activities that folks get hyped up about just seem to lack any attraction for me.

Speaking of school sports, we rented and watched “Friday Night Lights” this week. That film (and, I imagine, the book — which I haven’t read but will now) just nailed the Texas attitude towards high school football. I like Billy Bob Thornton, and thought he did a great job as the Odessa Permian football coach.

Odessa’s population is about 40% higher than that of Victoria, TX. But the attitudes are similar. This town really gets into its Friday night football. Quite a few people never get past that obsession with their high school’s teams. Heck, some never leave the county. And I mean NEVER! Their frame of reference is limited to their experiences, thus high school sports becomes the ultimate excitement. Well, different strokes, as they say.

Now, Friday evening has arrived. The weekend stretches ahead. The office walls won’t see my face again until Monday morning. Tomorrow if I want to wander around in the sunshine, I’ll be able to do it (or daydream about it) with no guilt.

It’s a good feeling.

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