Thursday, March 17, 2005


A little "contact cleaner" spray from the can. A little hair dryer time blowing hot air on the electronics of the remote-controlled motor caddie. Everything now works as it used to before the immersion experience!

I asked Carol, please, the next time she wants to upgrade her cell phone and get a new watch, just go buy them. There's no need to go through all these theatrics of running her cart into the pond and pretending it 's an accident.

And for her to try to blame the turtles for distracting her... I mean, come on! That's a new low. As if those turtles really had anything to do with it.

So, all is now back to normal. No angst, no feigned remorse. The tension has lifted and the mood is bright. The golf clubs still have not been put back into the bag, but the weekend is approaching so I imagine it will happen very soon so all will be in readiness.

By the way, she REALLY likes the new cell phone.

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